JOHANNESBURG – Saturday, 12 November 2016 marks the 25th anniversary since the internet went live in Africa for the first time.

Information Technology expert Kerwin Lebone says more Africans are accessing internet each year since 1991.

debone who is an expert at the Institute for Race Relations says while more people access the world wide web, internet costs remain very high in this country.

He says besides high cost, South Africa has the best internet connectivity on the African continent.

“When compared to the rest of the continent, we are way ahead in terms of connectivity. Its only data costs, but even that is only for a few developed countries that pay a lot. But we have made great strides in terms of access to the internet.”

Lebone says the majority of South Africans have access to the internet via smart phones.

“Access to internet in the home; that’s where a lot of South Africans lag behind, but because of the advent of smart phones, the figure of people who access the internet through smartphones is way above 80 percent.”

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