Bartenders Told Jimmy Kimmel The Most Annoying Thing You’re Doing At A Bar

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Jimmy Kimmel filmed his late-night show in Brooklyn this week, including a hilarious segment called ‘Bartender Ridiculous Questions.’ Turns out most bartenders can’t spell the word daiquiri, and also you’re doing some pretty annoying things to get bartenders’ attention.

In the video, Kimmel talks to several bartenders from local Brooklyn spots. He asks the important questions, like whether you’d rather have a bottle opener permanently installed in your armpit or the ability to dispense club soda out of your nose.

He also asked whether the old stereotype of customers coming to bartenders with their problems still holds true. And while it does, the bartenders are the first to admit their advice is not exactly reliable. They also unanimously said they lie to customers regularly when they don’t want to make a certain drink (much like McDonald’s and those dang ice cream machines).

In case you were wondering what the purpose of the tiny umbrellas are, Kimmel’s got you covered.

“I actually like the tiny umbrella,” one bartender said. “I think it looks very nice in a pina colada, and then you can charge a little extra when you put the umbrella in there.”

Most importantly, Kimmel asked the most annoying way customers try to get bartenders attention, which prompted all kinds of gestures: aggressive waving, snapping, slapping and knocking on the bar, as well as screaming “yo.” Pro tip — the more yo’s, the worse it is. Three yo’s? No drink for you.

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