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These countries want to ditch gas and diesel cars

Politicians are racing to show the world how quickly their countries can go green. India, France, Britain and Norway all want to completely ditch gas and diesel cars in favor of cleaner vehicles. At least 10 other countries have set

Is the gasoline engine doomed? That’s up to you.

Countries like France, Great Britain, China and India have set aggressive goals to phase out gasoline and diesel cars that will undoubtedly push the rest of the world towards greener cars. The question is… How are you

Mercedes, Porsche hometown braces for ban on diesel cars

The hometown of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche is bracing for a ban on diesel cars starting as soon as January 1. A judge in Stuttgart, Germany, ruled on Friday that the city may have to ban or severely

Volkswagen to Brits: We’ll pay big bucks for your diesel clunker

Volkswagen is on a search and destroy mission. The automaker is offering up to £6,000 ($7,750) to Brits who are willing to buy a shiny new Volkswagen (VLKAY) car and send their old diesel clunker to the scrapyard. The incentives

This auto safety feature is annoying — but don’t turn it off!

You might get annoyed when your car beeps or buzzes at you when you’re starting to drift out of your lane but, whatever you do, don’t just turn those alerts off. A new study shows that the