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Outback server fired over online rant slamming church for skipping tip

A Florida Outback Steakhouse worker says she filled a local megachurch’s $735 takeout order and then was fired when she ranted on social media about not getting a tip. “We take the order over the phone, we

Florida officer claims anti-cop McDonald’s worker refused to serve him

Florida police officer who claimed he was ousted from a McDonald’s drive-thru on Friday for his profession said he was “shocked” and “disappointed” at how the fast-food worker treated him. Lt. Tim Lancaster, of the Palm Bay

Cadbury hiring people to be chocolate tasters

Chocoholics, it’s your lucky day — you could now be paid to eat chocolate for a living.   Four new roles have opened up in the UK with Mondelez International, the firm behind Oreo cookies and Cadbury

Sony apologizes for controversial ‘Peter Rabbit’ scene which ‘made light’ of food allergies

Sony Pictures Entertainment has issued an apology over a controversial scene in its new film “Peter Rabbit,” during which a character with an allergy to blackberries is attacked with the offending foodstuff. “Food allergies are a serious

The McDonald’s in Olympic Park looks just like an Extra Value Meal

Forget glory, athleticism or the thrill of competition — the Olympians at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang are eating at a McDonald’s shaped like junk food! In honor of the Pyeongchang Games, McDonald’s — an

The Surprising Tool That Makes the Best Chicken, According to Paula Deen

When it comes to comfort food, Paula Deen’s proven herself to be an expert. I spoke to the Southern cook about her kitchen product line, the most surprising recipe she’s made with her air fryer, the recipe

Make the “Blooming Marshmallow” Everyone’s Been Talking About at Home!

We have been obsessing over chef Dominique Ansel’s latest creation, the Blossoming Hot Chocolate that has been making waves all over Instagram. But we’re too impatient to wait until our next trip to Tokyo to try it

Cooking Off The Cuff: A Plain-Looking Vegetable Tart That Can Be A First Course, A Main Course Or A Side Dish

I’ve been making this celeriac-mushroom-onion tart for a while, but it was only recently that Jackie and I realized what a versatile thing it is. Within a couple of days, we served it as a first course,

The Mashed Potato Recipes You Want And Need

Love And Olive Oil Side dishes are often overlooked, a mere afterthought to fill up the plate. But when sides are mashed potatoes, they are the main event. They’re are buttery and fluffy, filling and savory, and

The Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes That Won’t Sadden Your Soul

Gimme Some Oven Halloween might be the holiday that kicks off the unhealthy part of the year, but Thanksgiving is definitely the crowning event. It’s a feast made up of not just one, not just two, but