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Diet tips: Here’s how you can keep a check on protein intake

Vegetarian diets are low on protein and need protein supplementation, while non-vegetarians have a fairly good protein intake for a not-so-active lifestyle. Experts suggest people must keep a check on protein intake for better growth. Sanjay Tiwari,

Today Will Be Different: Learning to make peace with Multiple Sclerosis

I first heard about multiple sclerosis (MS) when I was binge-watching House MD a few years ago. It sounded painful and complicated, but it didn’t stand out much from the many grim-sounding conditions that people on the

Myths around coconut oil busted

If consumed in moderation and accompanied by a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, coconut oil is great for the body, skin and hair, say experts. Mahesh Jayaraman, medical researcher, therapist, health advisor and co-founder of health

E-cigarette ban wipes out less harmful alternative for smokers: Experts

Banning e-cigarettes may deprive Indian smokers of a substantially less harmful alternative, which can be against public health and can result in adverse consequences, experts have warned. Some states in India, including Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Punjab,

Genes causing intellectual disabilities identified

Researchers have discovered 15 genes that play a role in the development of intellectual disabilities. Intellectual disabilities are often caused by a mutation that damages a gene responsible for protein production in cells thus preventing the associated