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Top Three Indicators of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

  Vaginal draining might be viewed as anomalous in the event that it happens either at a strange time (otherwise called metrorrhagia) or when it is in overwhelming sums (menorrhagia). Restorative specialists for the most part consider

Grieving mother of newborn saves another baby’s life with her breast milk

grieving mother whose newborn daughter died just days after her birth saved another child in need by donating her breast milk. Jenny Rogers gave birth to her baby girl, Everly Jade, at 31 weeks, after doctors discovered

What is norovirus? 2018 Winter Olympics plagued by vomit-inducing bug

Officials at the 2018 Winter Olympics are scrambling to contain the outbreak of a vomit-inducing, diarrhea-causing, extremely contagious stomach bug known as norovirus. As of Thursday night, there were 128 confirmed cases of the norovirus in South

West Virginia calls in National Guard to tackle opioid crisis

People expect to see the Army National Guard during disasters. In Huntington, W.Va., the guard has been called in to help tackle the opioid crisis — which the governor has described as a disaster. “We have to stop

Organizers confirm 177 total norovirus cases at Pyeongchang

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics organizers said on Monday a total of 177 norovirus cases had been confirmed so far at the games but that the athletic delegations remained unaffected. They said 19 new cases of the virus, which

GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: Doctors find 26-pound tumor inside pregnant-looking patient’s stomach

A woman is relieved after having a 26-pound tumor removed from her body, news service SWNS is reporting. Shortly after the 70-year-old from India was admitted to the hospital with what appeared to be a pregnant-looking stomach,

Crock Pot Recipes

The hottest commodity in your kitchen on Thanksgiving Day is always the oven. No matter how much you try to figure out the timing, there are only so many dishes you can fit in there. Over the years we’ve

Weight Discrimination In The Workplace: The Troubling Lack Of Plus-Sized CEOs

In a recent study on hiring bias by the job-reviewing platform Fairygodboss, a picture of a heavier woman was shown to 500 recruiters. The survey respondents described her as friendly, confident, and professional, but the big takeaway

People May Never Fully Recover From A Real Broken Heart

PHOTOGRAPHED BY ASHLEY ARMITAGE. New research from the University of Aberdeen suggests that people who suffer from a truly “broken” heart may never fully recover. The researchers presented their findings at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions

5 Healthy Ways to Prevent End of Year Burn Out

PeopleImages via Getty Images The final stretch of the year can sometimes feel like the hardest. As the New Year approaches, there is often pressure to finish (or even start) all the things you haven’t quite gotten