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‘Safer’ thorium reactor trials could salvage nuclear power

A Dutch nuclear research institute is conducting the first experiment in close to five decades on molten-salt nuclear reactors based on thorium. Long hailed as a potential “safer” nuclear power, thorium reactor research could provide clean, affordable and “large-scale energy production.” That’s

‘Sea Hero Quest’ hides dementia research inside a VR game

On the face of it, Sea Hero Quest could be just another mobile game. Cheerful, colorful and with plenty of bite-sized levels intended to test memory and spatial awareness. But while you’re captaining your little boat along snaking channels

Young tagged hen harrier goes missing in ‘suspicious’ circumstances

A young tagged hen harrier has disappeared in Aberdeenshire in what RSPB Scotland described as “highly suspicious” circumstances. Calluna, a female harrier, was fitted with a satellite tag earlier this year at a nest on the National

Clues to why leaves come in many sizes

The huge variety of leaves in the plant kingdom has long been a source of wonder and fascination. The leaves of a banana plant, for instance, are about a million times bigger than the leaves of heather.

XFEL: Brilliant X-ray laser comes online

One of the most powerful X-ray machines ever built has officially opened in the German city of Hamburg. The facility, which has cost more than a billion euros to build, will be used to study the detailed

As Harvey hovers, researchers take stock

After a weekend spent bracing against record-breaking rains and catastrophic flooding, many scientists remain in suspense about how Hurricane Harvey will affect their research. Many are still unable to return to their labs and field sites to