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Universities Rush to Roll Out Computer Science Ethics Courses

The medical profession has an ethic: First, do no harm. Silicon Valley has an ethos: Build it first and ask for forgiveness later. Now, in the wake of fake news and other troubles at tech companies, universities

Stop talking about the need for computer science and start teaching it

Until recently, the basic skills that we are all taught in elementary and secondary school have given us an adequate foundation to lead us through much of daily life. If you could read, you could learn and

Surface Pro 4 batteries and TypeCovers are dropping like flies

Many Surface Pro 4 customers are angry as hell. Not only are their screens getting the shakes; their batteries are dying prematurely and, in some cases, their TypeCovers turn into boat anchors. Surface Pro 4 screen flicker

FAQ: Office 2019 is coming; here’s what you need to know

Microsoft last year announced that there will be a successor to Office 2016, the non-subscription version of the application suite, and that the upgrade would ship in about a year. The bundle, named “Office 2019,” will be

Scary ransomware attacks famous North Carolina county

A major ransomware attack has forced the shutdown of a host of IT systems at Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Officials confirmed late Wednesday that they will not pay the ransom to unlock many of the county’s applications

A Case of Distrust is perfect video game noir

A statuette is the first thing that clues me in to this game’s smarts. It’s a bird of prey, maybe 10 inches tall. It sits on the bookshelf in a young woman’s apartment. She’s a detective living

Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake review | Haunting, beautiful and still one of the best games ever made

When does acting upon your love for someone become wrong? This is the most interesting of Shadow of the Colossus’ questions and the one that embeds this masterpiece with intrigue and continued relevance 13 years after its

Pokemon Go won’t work on older iPhones after the next update

Do you have an older iPhone? We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you may no longer be able to play Pokemon Go after next month. The Pokemon Go team on Tuesday announced that

Nintendo’s big announcement took everyone by surprise

This week, Nintendo left everyone guessing what it meant by a “new interactive experience” coming to Switch, but last night we finally got to see what it was, and it took everyone by surprise. It’s called Nintendo

Get set for Super Mario movie: Nintendo fans go nuts

After months of speculation, Nintendo finally confirmed it’s bringing Super Mario back to the silver screen, 25 years after its first offering flopped at the box office. During the company’s strategy briefing, the Kyoto-based firmed confirmed it