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What’s inside your mobile phone and why you may want to recycle them

What happens when you recycle an old phone? Why should you bother? As e-waste collection bins spring up throughout Australia, there’s a good reason why you may want to fill them. An estimated 23 million unused mobile

Gardener plugs in to 1960s CIA interrogation technique to get her plants to sing

Gardeners have long espoused the benefits of playing music to plants, but a West Australian musician and seamstress is looking to turn the tables by having her plant “sing” to her. Tamara Jarrahmarri discovered the practice of

Why do robots need to do backflips?

Bipedal humanoid robot Atlas can jump, do a backflip and stick the landing. Created by US robotics company Boston Dynamics, a video of the two-legged humanoid performing impressive athletic feats — for a robot — recently went

The best phones under $250

The iPhone X: $999. The Galaxy Note 8: $930. Even the more affordable Google Pixel 2 commands a significant investment of $650. Today’s flagship phones are expensive enough that spending a significant chunk of your rent on a handset is seemingly

What it takes to be a drone racer

One cold, dreary afternoon in 2014, Jordan Temkin took his drone to Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. He put on a pair of goggles that filled his view with the live video feed from the drone’s tiny

Wireless charging will make drones always ready to fly

Drones are great until you realize running all those propellers, a camera, GPS and other assorted technology bits are a real drain on the battery. If you’re just using one for images it’s not too big of

The best devices and apps to up your selfie game

The first time a stranger on the train told me I had a nice smile, I didn’t believe her. Back then, I hadn’t yet had my crooked teeth fixed, and my self-esteem wasn’t anywhere as high as

Apps and gadgets for the ‘Blade Runner’ future we didn’t ask for

Punks, monks and Harrison Ford running scared through a poisonous cityscape were just a few of the details that made the original Blade Runnerfeel like its environment was a standalone character in the film. It felt as alien

How Microsoft embraced ‘messy’ creativity with Windows Ink

Windows Ink isn’t Microsoft’s first stab at bringing stylus support to PCs — that would be Windows XP Tablet Edition — but it is the company’s most successful. It made stylus support a core part of Windows 10, and it’s

Sharp is ready to sell 8K consumer TVs now that we all have 4K

While other electronics companies are just getting to consumer 4K screens, Sharp is once again focusing on the next resolution milestone. Today, Sharp announced its 8K AQUOS televisions will be coming to Japan and China in December, with releases