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Germany bans children’s smartwatches over privacy concerns

Germany’s telecommunications regulator, the Federal Network Agency, announced a ban today on the sale of kids’ smartwatches, the BBC reports, and encouraged parents to destroy the ones they already own. The agency appears to be taking particular

Xiaomi’s latest US-ready devices include an action cam

Xiaomi has chosen to focus its efforts on dozens of markets outside the US that very few of its products ever make it stateside. It has slowly been bringing its offerings into the country, though, and has

What we’re buying: Lightroom on a new iPhone, Google’s Pixel 2 cases

This month, we’re making the most of our devices, whether that’s by testing mobile photo-editing apps, trying out an iPad keyboard that matches its surroundings, or simply just laying down a little too much cash for a

DJI threatens legal action after researcher reports bug

In August, DJI announced that it was launching a bug bounty program that would give out rewards to people who could find flaws in its software. The company said it would pay between $100 and $30,000 depending

RevolCam is the perfect tech gift at just $35

As phones get continuously smaller, space for additional hardware becomes harder and harder to come by. But smartphone cameras don’t have much more room for improvement; most picture quality refinements in recent years have come from better

The Mars InSight lander is on track to launch in May

The InSight (Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport) lander has passed its last major environmental test ahead of a planned May 2018 launch to Mars. The thermal vacuum testing, or TVAC, lasted two weeks

Kids judge R2-D2 droids built by Facebook, Google and Fitbit

LittleBits is a system of electronic building blocks that snap together with magnets to create circuits. It’s a simple concept, but it’s one that lends itself to endless creativity. Since littleBits debuted in 2011, there have been

What’s inside your mobile phone and why you may want to recycle them

What happens when you recycle an old phone? Why should you bother? As e-waste collection bins spring up throughout Australia, there’s a good reason why you may want to fill them. An estimated 23 million unused mobile

Gardener plugs in to 1960s CIA interrogation technique to get her plants to sing

Gardeners have long espoused the benefits of playing music to plants, but a West Australian musician and seamstress is looking to turn the tables by having her plant “sing” to her. Tamara Jarrahmarri discovered the practice of

Why do robots need to do backflips?

Bipedal humanoid robot Atlas can jump, do a backflip and stick the landing. Created by US robotics company Boston Dynamics, a video of the two-legged humanoid performing impressive athletic feats — for a robot — recently went