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Second ‘Battlefield 1’ DLC deploys on September 19th

At Gamescom last week, EA showed off a timeline of future expansions headed to Battlefield 1, including the next to come, In The Name of the Tsar. The game’s second DLC just got a global release date on September 19th, but players who

Classic board game ‘Catan’ is coming to VR, of all places

If you’ve ever thrilled to a hot game of Catan on your table before, you’ll love that you’ll be able to experience the classic territory-building board game in virtual reality. Created by VR developer Experiment 7, with the collaboration of the Catan

The Crazy Laws Keeping Japanese Out of Video Game Competitions

Spectators packed a Seattle arena and 5 million more went online to watch a video-game tournament this summer in which winners each earned $2.2 million, about as much as tennis pro Rafael Nadal won at this year’s

Sony’s new ‘Crystal’ DualShock 4s are red, white and blue

DualShock controllers for PlayStation 3 and 4 have both had a translucent option as far back as 2013. The top case of the “crystal” controller lets you see through to the inner workings of the wireless gaming device, which for

‘The Division’ finally adds to its open-world game map

After spending much of the past year upgrading The Division‘s core gameplay and its player-versus-player content, Ubisoft is ready to turn its attention to fresh player-versus-environment material — and that finally includes a new area to play in. The free Resistance