ClickBank Refunds – Why It Pays to Have a Good Reason

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The ClickBank discount process is exceptionally liberal to purchasers. Where a demand for discount is made, at that point a discount will consequently be conceded unless the merchant tries to spare a deal. Be that as it may, what happens if the merchant does attempt to spare the deal? This will come down to regardless of whether the purchaser has an authentic explanation behind approaching ClickBank for a discount.

In the event that a purchaser has an adequate purpose behind looking for a discount, at that point there ought not be an issue. Nonetheless on the off chance that they don’t have a justifiable reason, the purchaser will most likely pass up a major opportunity for recovering their cash. Additionally, if a purchaser makes different discount demands without justifiable reason they may get themselves hindered from making future buys through ClickBank.

What Do the ClickBank Refund Policy and FAQ Say?

Lamentably while the ClickBank Refund Policy and Refund Policy FAQ give some broad direction with respect to getting a ClickBank discount, they don’t really expound.

The key piece of the authority ClickBank Refund Policy says that “ClickBank will, at its prudence, take into consideration the arrival or substitution of any item inside 60 days from the date of procurement. For repeating charging items, returns for more than one installment might be given if asked for inside the standard 60 day return period.”

This is extremely wide and surrenders things totally over to ClickBank in regards to whether a discount will be given or not. Notwithstanding applying for a discount inside 60 days of procurement, we would need to demonstrate a ‘legitimate reason’ for asking for a discount.

What Sort of Reasons are Valid?

So what are the sorts of reasons which ClickBank should think about ‘substantial’? A few clues are to be found in the ClickBank expressions and conditions:

on the off chance that the way an item is publicized is erroneous, deluding or beguiling – this is restricted by statement 2(d) of the ClickBank Client Contract;

on the off chance that the item encroaches on someone else’s copyright, trademarks or other licensed innovation rights – this is disallowed by proviso 2(b) of the ClickBank Reviews Client Contract; and

on the off chance that the item is ‘unsuitable’ for reasons totally outside ClickBank’s ability to control – the ClickBank Refund Policy recognizes this as a premise where ClickBank may not try attempting to illuminate specialized issues previously issuing a discount.

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