Pillsbury Changed Its Cookie Dough Recipe, And People Are Divided Over It

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

If you want to get a room full of people fired up faster than you can say “presidential election,” change their beloved, refrigerated tube of cookie dough. At least that seems to be the case for Pillsbury, which has seen its five-star reviews for its classic log of chocolate chip dough plummet to two stars in the weeks following the rollout of its new recipe.

This version, which comes in a lighter-blue tube, features a brown ribbon on the package noting the changes: high-fructose corn syrup and a trifecta of artificial additions — colors, flavors, and preservatives — are all gone. Pillsbury’s so confident about the change that it boasts in bold, all-caps lettering, Love it or it’s free. Since the revised recipe debuted, one-star reviews have been pouring onto the brand’s product page, as people pled for the return of the OG recipe.

Pillsbury Cookie Dough

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“My family and I have long been Pillsbury or die type of people but this new chocolate chip cookie dough recipe has got to go,” cookieloverforeva wrote on the brand’s product page. Another, dlrhynes, wrote: “My child smelled them cooking and she thought they smelled like BREAD! Not cookies! Bread!”

Not all of the reviews have been negative though (there is the occasional, positive comment listed). Given the division the recipe’s caused, we decided to compare the old and new cookie doughs, baking them for the exact same time and serving them to a group of taste testers to gauge their reactions. Could people really tell the difference, or was the new packaging messing with people’s heads?

First, the original dough:

Old Pillsbury Cookie Dough

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