RevolCam is the perfect tech gift at just $35

As phones get continuously smaller, space for additional hardware becomes harder and harder to come by. But smartphone cameras don’t have much more room for improvement; most picture quality refinements in recent years have come from better image processing software. The only way to truly upgrade the optics of your pocket camera is with a physically larger lens—and the RevolCam gives you three. This add-on usually costs $59, but you can take 40 percent off if you order from GDGT deals.

The RevolCam fits on your device with a sturdy clip, and is designed to work with any major smartphone model. Instead of a fixed mount with detachable glass, it integrates three different lenses into a pivoting mechanism that lets you switch between them on the fly. To provide better lighting wherever you go, it features a removable LED with adjustable brightness. Behind the lamp, there’s even a small mirror so you can take great selfies with your phone’s rear camera.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a techie on your list, pick up the RevolCam for $34.99 today, 40 percent off its retail value. Today through 11/26, Engadget readers can get it at a special early Black Friday price of $27.99 with code BFRIDAY20 at checkout.

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