After Trump chicken, giant inflatable Trump rat placed near White House

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US President Donald trump has always inspired artists around the globe, however, not for the right reasons. And after a giant inflatable chicken replicating Trump was seen in the vicinity of the White House earlier this month, it’s time for a rat now. Yes, after Chicken Don or the Trump chicken, Trump rat is the latest spectacle that has gripped the US capital.

The rodent in a black suit, which is very similar to the labour union protest rat has been customised like the POTUS and has been placed at Dupont Circle just a mile away from the White House. The 15-feet rodent is pastel orange in colour and dons Trump-like golden hair and wears a red tie. Unlike POTUS, it, however, wears a Russian flag pin and has been decked with Confederate flag cufflinks. The rat has a protruding teeth and the ‘tiny’ hands gesture very similarly to the president.

The creator, John Post Lee, a New York gallery owner, called his creation “satirical art”. Calling Trump “the ridiculer in chief” — Lee believes the POTUS exploits racism and science denial for self-serving political gain, the Washington Post reported. “Lee underscores that Trump Rat is not intended to be a symbol of anger or hate, like some inflatable effigy. ‘I’m trying to hold a mirror up to how this person behaves, as a character portrait of the man’,” the report added.

People are thrilled to see the Trump rat and are clicking selfies with it. Twittera is flooded with Trump rat photos and many have ruled it’s better than Trump Chicken.


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